Source code for msl.qt.widgets.logger

A :class:`~QtWidgets.QWidget` to display :mod:`logging` messages.
import random
import logging
import datetime

from .. import (

[docs]class Logger(logging.Handler, QtWidgets.QWidget): def __init__(self, *, level=logging.INFO, fmt='%(asctime)s [%(levelname)s] -- %(name)s -- %(message)s', datefmt=None, logger=None, parent=None): """A :class:`~QtWidgets.QWidget` to display :mod:`logging` messages. Parameters ---------- level : :class:`int` or :class:`str`, optional The :ref:`Logging Level <python:levels>` to use to display the :class:`~logging.LogRecord`. fmt : :class:`str`, optional The :ref:`python:logrecord-attributes` to use to display the :class:`~logging.LogRecord`. datefmt : :class:`str` or :data:`None`, optional The :ref:`strftime format <python:strftime-strptime-behavior>` to use for the time stamp. If :data:`None` then the ``ISO8601`` date format is used, ``YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS,sss``. logger : :class:`logging.Logger`, optional The :class:`logging.Logger` to add this :class:`logging.Handler` to. If :data:`None` the uses the root :class:`logging.Logger`. parent : :class:`QtWidgets.QWidget`, optional The parent widget. Example ------- To view an example of the :class:`Logger` widget run:: >>> from msl.examples.qt import logger # doctest: +SKIP >>> # doctest: +SKIP """ logging.Handler.__init__(self) QtWidgets.QWidget.__init__(self, parent=parent) # a list of all the LogRecords that were emitted self._records = [] self._num_displayed = 0 self.color_map = { logging.CRITICAL: QtGui.QColor(255, 0, 0), logging.ERROR: QtGui.QColor(175, 25, 25), logging.WARN: QtGui.QColor(180, 100, 127), logging.INFO: QtGui.QColor(0, 0, 255), logging.DEBUG: QtGui.QColor(127, 127, 127), logging.NOTSET: QtGui.QColor(40, 110, 95) } self._level_names = { 'CRITICAL': logging.CRITICAL, 'ERROR': logging.ERROR, 'WARN': logging.WARN, 'INFO': logging.INFO, 'DEBUG': logging.DEBUG } # # configure logging # if logger is None: logger = logging.getLogger() elif not isinstance(logger, logging.Logger): raise TypeError('the logger must be of type logging.Logger, got {}'.format(type(logger))) if logger.level == logging.NOTSET: logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) if isinstance(level, str): level = self._level_names[level.upper()] if not isinstance(level, int): raise TypeError('the level must be an integer or the name of a logging level') self._current_level = level formatter = logging.Formatter(fmt=fmt, datefmt=datefmt) formatter.default_msec_format = '%s.%03d' self.setFormatter(formatter) logger.addHandler(self) # # create the widgets # self._level_combobox = QtWidgets.QComboBox(self) for name in sorted(self._level_names, key=self._level_names.get, reverse=False): self._level_combobox.addItem(name, userData=self._level_names[name]) for key in self._level_names: if self._level_names[key] == self._current_level: self._level_combobox.setCurrentText(key) break self._level_combobox.currentTextChanged.connect(self._update_records) self._level_combobox.setToolTip('Select the logging level') self._level_checkbox = QtWidgets.QCheckBox() self._level_checkbox.setChecked(False) self._level_checkbox.stateChanged.connect(self._level_checkbox_changed) self._update_level_checkbox_tooltip() self._label = QtWidgets.QLabel() self._update_label() self._save_button = QtWidgets.QPushButton() self._save_button.setIcon(convert.to_qicon(QtWidgets.QStyle.SP_DialogSaveButton)) self._save_button.clicked.connect(self._save_records) self._save_button.setToolTip('Save the log records') self._text_browser = QtWidgets.QTextBrowser(self) self._text_browser.setLineWrapMode(QtWidgets.QTextBrowser.NoWrap) self._vsb = self._text_browser.verticalScrollBar() # # add the widgets to the layout # top = QtWidgets.QHBoxLayout() top.addWidget(self._level_combobox) top.addWidget(self._level_checkbox) top.addStretch() top.addWidget(self._label) top.addStretch() top.addWidget(self._save_button) layout = QtWidgets.QVBoxLayout() layout.addLayout(top) layout.addWidget(self._text_browser) self.setLayout(layout) @property def records(self): """:class:`list` of :class:`~logging.LogRecord`: The history of all the log records.""" return self._records def emit(self, record): """Overrides :meth:`logging.Handler.emit`.""" self._records.append(record) try: # Fixes the following # RuntimeError: wrapped C/C++ object of type QComboBox has been deleted data = self._level_combobox.currentData() except RuntimeError: logging.getLogger().removeHandler(self) return if record.levelno >= data: self._append_record(record) self._update_label()
[docs] def save(self, path, *, level=logging.INFO): """Save log records to a file. Parameters ---------- path : :class:`str` The path to save the log records to. Appends the records to the file if the file already exists, otherwise creates a new log file. It is recommended that the file extension be ``.log``, but not mandatory. level : :class:`int`, optional All :class:`~logging.LogRecord`\'s with a :ref:`Logging Level <python:levels>` >= `level` will be saved. """ with open(path, 'a') as fp: self._write_header(fp) for record in self._records: if record.levelno >= level: fp.write(self.format(record) + '\n') fp.write('\n')
def _add_new_level(self, record): # the MSL-Equipment package has a logging.DEMO level if record.levelname == 'DEMO': color = QtGui.QColor(93, 170, 78) else: color = QtGui.QColor(random.randint(0, 255), random.randint(0, 255), random.randint(0, 255)) self.color_map[record.levelno] = color self._level_names[record.levelname] = record.levelno for i in range(self._level_combobox.count()): if record.levelno < self._level_combobox.itemData(i): self._level_combobox.insertItem(i, record.levelname, userData=record.levelno) return self._level_combobox.addItem(record.levelname, userData=record.levelno) def _append_record(self, record): """Append a LogRecord to the QTextBrowser.""" if self._level_checkbox.isChecked() and record.levelno != self._level_combobox.currentData(): return msg = self.format(record) try: self._text_browser.setTextColor(self.color_map[record.levelno]) except KeyError: self._add_new_level(record) self._text_browser.setTextColor(self.color_map[record.levelno]) self._text_browser.append(msg) self._num_displayed += 1 if self._vsb.maximum() - self._vsb.value() <= self._vsb.singleStep(): self._text_browser.moveCursor(QtGui.QTextCursor.End) self._text_browser.moveCursor(QtGui.QTextCursor.StartOfLine) def _level_checkbox_changed(self, state): self._update_records(self._level_combobox.currentText()) def _save_records(self, checked): """Save the LogRecords that are currently displayed in the QTextBrowser to a file.""" if len(self._records) == 0: prompt.information('There are no log records to save.') return option = QtWidgets.QFileDialog.DontConfirmOverwrite title = 'Save the Log Records (appends to an existing file)' path ={'Log Files': '*.log'}, title=title, options=option) if path is None: return if not path.endswith('.log'): path += '.log' with open(path, 'a') as fp: self._write_header(fp) fp.writelines(self._text_browser.toPlainText()) fp.write('\n\n') def _update_label(self): """Update the label that shows the number of LogRecords that are visible.""" if not self._records: self._label.setText('There are no log records') elif self._num_displayed == len(self._records): self._label.setText('Displaying all log records') else: self._label.setText('Displaying {} of {} log records'.format(self._num_displayed, len(self._records))) def _update_level_checkbox_tooltip(self): """Update the ToolTip for self._level_checkbox""" self._level_checkbox.setToolTip('Show {} level only?'.format(self._level_combobox.currentText())) def _update_records(self, name): """ Clears the QTextBrowser and adds all the LogRecords that have a levelno >= the currently-selected logging level. """ self._num_displayed = 0 self._text_browser.clear() self._update_level_checkbox_tooltip() levelno = self._level_names[name] for record in self._records: if record.levelno >= levelno: self._append_record(record) self._update_label() def _write_header(self, fp): fp.write('# Saved {}\n'.format('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')))