MSL-Qt API Documentation

The root package is

msl.qt Custom Qt components for the graphical user interface.

which has the following modules

msl.qt.constants Constants used by the MSL-Qt package.
msl.qt.convert Functions to convert objects.
msl.qt.exceptions Exception handling.
msl.qt.prompt Convenience functions to prompt the user.
msl.qt.threading Base classes for starting a process in a new QThread.
msl.qt.utils General functions.

the following custom QWidget’s

Button(*[, text, icon, icon_size, …]) A QToolButton to display text, an icon and a menu.
LED(*[, parent, shape, on_color, off_color, …]) An LED widget, led_widget
Logger(*[, level, fmt, datefmt, logger, parent]) A QWidget to display logging messages.
ToggleSwitch(*[, parent, height, on_color, …]) Constructs a toggle switch, toggle_switch
DoubleSpinBox(*[, parent, value, minimum, …]) A QDoubleSpinBox that emits editingFinished() after a stepBy() signal.
SpinBox(*[, parent, value, minimum, …]) A QSpinBox that emits editingFinished() after a stepBy() signal.

and the following convenience classes

LoopUntilAbort(*[, loop_delay, …]) Repeatedly perform a task until aborted by the user.
Sleep() Sleep without freezing the graphical user interface.