msl.qt.utils module

General functions.

msl.qt.utils.drag_drop_paths(event, *, pattern=None)[source]

Returns the list of file paths from a drag-enter or drop event.


list of str – The list of file paths.

msl.qt.utils.save_image(widget, path, *, quality=-1)[source]

Save a widget to an image file.

  • widget (QtWidgets.QWidget) – The widget to save as an image.

  • path (str) – The file path to save the image to. The image format is chosen based on the file extension.

  • quality (int, optional) – The quality factor. Must be in the range 0 to 100 or -1. Specify 0 to obtain small compressed files, 100 for large uncompressed files, and -1 (the default) to use the default settings.


QtGui.QPixmap – The widget as a pixmap object.


Get the geometry of a desktop screen.


widget (QtWidgets.QWidget, optional) – Get the geometry of the screen that contains this widget.


QtCore.QRect – If a widget is specified then the geometry of the screen that contains the widget otherwise returns the geometry of the primary screen (i.e., the screen where the main widget resides).